Classic Boy Meets World Vs. Girl Meets World

I was just reliving some Boy Meets World clips and the old episodes over at ABC Family. And I thought that every time it came on Disney channel and ABC TGIF, I never missed a beat.

That show always taught different ways of thinking, values from all walks of life, how everyone can be friends, how to deal with high school, the growing pains of growing up into adulthood, how to deal with relationships, and of course each character with strengths and flaws that complement each other for life. Not to mention comedic flair and twists that kept audience captivated to watch all the main and secondary characters grow up together and become life long friends.

The Cory and Shawn Bromance that is forever!

I just watched the first two episodes of Girl Meets World about Cory and Topanga in New York living with their children, daughter and younger son plus the extension of friends and crushes. And the fact that Cory is now a Feeny! And I gotta say its a nice start, a little cheesy but I guess its simplified to try and hit the changing demographic and tv preferences of the younger generation. I do like the comedic timing but its a watch and lets see at this point for me.

But I think, there is life lessons to see from both shows and how to make your life your own world and leave your mark in it.

~Kaye Beeh

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