Sporty Flavor

Sporty Flavor
Lately, I have been on my gym game with my Insanity workouts and sometimes a visit to a group fitness class. Going to finish Insanity and then probably move onto Tapout XT for that strong mma lean body. And the reason for this set is that lately, gym and fashion has been emerging since Net-A-Sporter came out, Fitbit and Tory Burch teamed up, and ever since Norma Kamali has that Wellness and Fitness Fashion Cafe here in NY.

I suppose its the in thing to be fit and why not look good while you're at it. This outfit would a great post workout, back into my casuals outfit with a sporty flavor.

The nicely sporty tappered slim leg pants is by Tibi, I love the vertical stripes on it. The Simple Grey Tee is by H&M, always a great basic to own, as it can practically work with any outfit. Then when you are still a little heated but dont want a full on sweater due to the wind outfit, a windbreaker sheer jacket by DKNY, who does sportswear and casuality of NYC like no one else. Finished off with a pair of converses, pink for a nice fun fem color.

And of course, the accessories to make it not overtly sporty but city chic. The Coach Borough Bag to put all of your needs into, not only the leather perfection but the shape is so simple and chic that its a practical bag in all respects. Finally polish with jewelry, the Tory Burch Resin Studs which are dainty for the ear and a classic black Movado watch, not only for time, but for a sleek look when going out for possible drinks at the hotel bar or riding the taxi or train back home!

Sporty but polished somehow :) My type of downtime but casual look.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. nice!
    New look on my blog!

  2. love this, especially touch of the pink!!


  3. Net-A-Sporter? Huh! I hadn't heard about this! That's cute...

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