Inspired for Less: Burberry Boots

By now I realized not only do I have a Burberry obsession in terms of their muffler silk and wool scarves but also I enjoy their Prorsum runway coats, their London and Brit coats and jackets, respectively.

Now adding their boots and trainers to that mold, I found these Brit classic inspired boots that remind me of these babies I wanted from Burberry. Not only is this a cheaper alternative for a pair of buckled boots but its a nice substitute. With respectively avoiding the tartan plaid Burberry's heritage is known for.

Only real difference is the ratio of suede on the HM pair and the amount of leather on the Burberry pair.

Left Boots: H&M, available here for $49.95.

Right Boots: Burberry, available here for $795.

Happy Fall Shopping~

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Just a very sensible boot, perfect for the coming fall :)


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