Back to School Ready!

Somehow every year, during the beginning weeks of August, I tend to start planning out what I want to see myself wear most of in the fall or if I did not get to wear that last fall, I will make sure I do it now. So this set is my fall back to school ready essentials and daily army outfit.

Back to School Ready!
Coat: W118 by Walter Baker. Jeans: J.Crew Sneakers: Anthropologie Backpack: Proenza Schouler Tee: Gap Earrings: Lucky Brand

I know this may sound repetitive but I like to mix contemporary with high end and low end. So a good Lux looking trench with some leather embellishments is a great way to start off the fall with some ripped denim (Cropped if you may since it might be 60 degrees), with a pony haired sneakers for a little fun, a regular easy tee (best ones are from the gap and hanes), and a really lovely high end bag, in this case, the PS1 Proenza Schouler Backpack, which just came out not too long ago. And a simple cool earrings with a little design to top it all off.
Just to keep it simple, no bracelets or extra embellishments etc. Since im in class writing, too many clic clac bracelets will stray attention to me or prevent me from having my arm fully on the desk to write! Haha :)

The one good thing about back to school for is graduating soon, my new fall additions to wear, fashion week in september. Bad thing: The endless late nights and 500+ pages to read.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Classy fall wear, love the trench.

  2. Nice pics. I cannot believe it is that time of year already.

  3. Wow, thanks! You show so many cool stuff here which is absolutely my taste <3

    xx from Germany, Rena


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