Luxe Night Out Outfit

This is one of the sets I had a bit of a hard time trying to jazzy up those shorts but not have everything be over the top. I love the idea of this outfit for a Luxe Night Out. The dainty but breathtaking earrings, the strappy but not too tall heels (You do need comfort), the jazzy embellished silk shorts, and the simple black shirt.
Luxe Night Out Outfit
The top is Alice and Olivia, the shorts are Thakoon Addition, Shoes by Zara, the Bag by Mulberry and the Earrings are Dannijo.

Just the thought of starting this set came from those Thakoon Addition silk embellished shorts. I just thought they were so glam and since its the summer, I envision being in Chelsea walking in something fun and eye catching! Basically luxe. Then came the accessories. Comfortable but heeled sandals.

A luxe Mulberry bag with some croc detail that can be hard to miss if you dont look closely.
Nice crystal earrings. I believe this creates a balance without looking too gaudy. And of course, a simple black shirt.

And what do you know, its the black army nightlife gear. Haha, just kidding but this is what my night out would be like.

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.