Rebecca Minkoff x Wall Street #Fashion Journal Advice

I was quite happy to read up on how Rebecca Minkoff got her start and her tips on how to make it in something you truly believe in.

She taught herself to sew at ripe age of eight years old.
When she was 18, she moved here to New York City.
2005 was the big year when she made her first handbag and immediately sold out soon after, after it caught internet and buyer interests.
Minkoff got picked up by the heavyweights from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales.

Her tip and I live by this is to "develop a tough skin and educate yourself". Sure it wasnt always glamourous but she believed in her business and made it happen.

I for one believe in education being the most powerful thing one can have in their arsenal. Sure you can be denied things but that should not stop you from try and if you have knowledge acquired from experience and education, then nobody can take that away from you.

Which is why, we all should try as hard as we can. The only enemies asides from outsiders is the fear within ourselves. I say we put out the best version of ourselves and work hard.

Sure we love the glitz but then again, the journey taken to reach it, is worth it even more.

Rebecca Minkoff is such an inspiration to me. When I first met her during a Mintbox event, it was like "This is the woman, who made it happen and will continue to do so".

Thank you Ms. Minkoff. For your lovely clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags.
But most of all, sharing your world with us mere subjects.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. great post!! and i Love Rebecca Minkoff. her bags are amazing

  2. i agree - Minkoff inspires me too! Perfect designs!


  3. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria


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