#NYFW Day 1 - Concept Korea F/W 2013

Ive had to pleasure to go and see Concept Korea show this New York Fashion Week and let me tell you, the fashion collective is so vibrant, exciting, and beautiful. I mean I can go on with alot of adjectives to describe the feeling but then you would not get to my photos and video from the show!

I like the fact that the collective is made up of 5 designers representing Korea but have a new age element to them. Different inspires and styles in which they design. The concept was the RHYTHM OF KOREA!

There is CHOIBOKO by Choiboko
CRES. E DIM. by Hongbum Kim
KYE by Kathleen Kye
Lie sang bong by Lie Sang Bong
and my girl
SON JUNG WAN by Son Jung Wan.

It was wonderful to see the different usage of fabric, tailoring, layering, and placing of accessories throughout the collective. The soundtrack to every collection was so vibrant and hip.

The first show was CHOIBOKO

The usage of prints on basic black and white, truly adds an element of color and is very reminiscent of the 80s block coloring. Very fun prints I could see myself wearing. You can dress them up or down, subjectivity at its best. The floppy hat, with the open back, flowing dress and knee high leather boots, feels very parisian chic yet I can see the korean influence within the cuts and shaping.

Next is CRES. E DIM.

The tailoring and layering present in this collection is fabulous and needed for winter. Can be cool, fashionable, and yet warm at the same time. Its like your inner Asian warrior princess meets the victorian contemporary. Loved this collection, my favorite. Definitely a good solid collection for me, the various textures played a major role. You had a cotton piece with leather and then with wool. Not only could you enjoy red, but oxblood, and different dark shades. My fall wardrobe needs this.

Plus one of the bags, had a hanger like element. Very crafty!

Next is Son Jung Wan.

Whose collections I love seeing. She does femininity with romanticism like its nothing! This time there was furs and some major tailored looks. And a blouse that had a high empire cut top just like on a ancient korean dress I keep seeing. Sorry I dont remember the name of it but I recognize the tailoring on that.

The loved the fur and neutral colors being utilized. Also the occasional jewel tone purples, which is so fantastic for fall/winter.
Everytime I see her clothing, I want to pick up a dress from the collection and wear it for a day. And I usually dont wear dresses or skirts. Hehe. :)

Stunning neckline.  Why do I see Troian Bellisario wearing something like this.

Next is Lie Sang Bong

This was so architecturally structured and beautiful. The usage of lines truly spoke out to me! The first look came with this hat, and it glowed in the dark as she took the runway. I thought of a european show moment right there.
The lines are so strategically placed, i love the elements of a taller or more slender silhouette.And the boots were killer. The linear lines played on the pieces like a sci-fi computer chip. Very neat! Deep tones of colors mixed with neutral winter shades. Very very lovely!

Last, KYE....
This one took me for a shocker. I loved the splotches of color, felt like watching an artist paint. And some of the prints were reminiscent of a graffiti art. Very hip and urban yet cool.
It was fun and fresh. Some of the looks stole my heart. Like the coat with the black transitioning into a yellow spray hue. Leather is here to stay, a leathered sweatshirt with a sweetheart yellow flounce skirt, tough femme. Street style with a hint of in your face! Plus the soundtrack matched it all.

One of my favorite shows from Day 1 and maybe one of my favorites collectively from all of fashion week.
What an experience, rhythm of korea indeed was resonated through the clothing and the energetic lighting show to transition one designer's showcase to another was so awesome.
So Inspired!

And my look for Day 1:
 Top: H&M (2011 I believe)
 Jeans: Gap 1961
 Boots: Doc Martens LTDs

~Kaye Beeh


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