Hello Lover, Sally Lapointe Fall 2013 at #NYFW Day 2

I've had the pleasure of attending the Sally Lapointe runway show for the first time, quite exciting. Walking in through the gritty entrance, none other than Selita Ebanks I saw passing. Took me a few minutes to realize it was actually her.

Finally got inside and got seating, in the 4th row which then turned into the 2nd.

I was awakened by a dark space yet with red laser stalks beaming up into the sky. I immediately thought some dark feeling yet with some light as the mood. Being in a sea nothingness yet, fighting to see the light.

I soon learned by program, inspiration was by Depeche Mode 's "In Your Room" ;) Electronica at its best. Dave would be proud. :]

 Show is starting!

 Oxblood, black, and ombre going on. Very powerful combinations, feels like a girl thats very dark or deep finding her strength. And these looks are for sure badass.

 The contours and tailoring of each piece to have an element of draping to it, I truly enjoyed. The lean silhouettes and clean cuts.

And there is our favorite leather. In a paneling across the stomach and on the bottom cut of sleeves, very neat! You can be minimalistic yet have a stylish touch of whatever texture to the outfit.

And the alligator printed matte and other pieces I loved. You can still be edgy yet glam with a little animal like fierceness.

Also loved that some of the tops had a gold chain holding the side by the waist together. That was very unique.

 Ending look:
This says it all.

I love how you can wear these with other pieces or the full outfit to drum up your mood or to your own style.
These neutral of blacks, reds (from a bright shade of cherry pink to Falu Red) , and whites that are so crisp and solid.
Final run through:

Looking forward to seeing more from Sally Lapointe and excited about next fall coming up.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. o how fun! i love that wide leg black pants outfit.

  2. I was there too - such a great show!

    ox from NY

  3. So cool that you where at that show!!


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