Beeh takes on Prabal Gurung x Target Collaboration

I remember, when I first blogged on this collaboration. I fell in love with the look book and all of the interviews Prabal himself has done on the collection.

I had items marked, specifics to see and the materials in how they translate in person.
I went on the night of Sunday when it was released last week. 

When I went there wasn't many people at my home location so I could time to look. Not much was left in comparison to the Neiman Marcus x Target Fiasco but I digress. Mostly the blouses and tops were left.
Nothing of the bags, shoes, shorts, leather jacket or sweaters.

Courtesy of Racked
This is what I wanted first and foremost. The sweatshirt. I did not end up finding this, went to three target locations where they are and will remain sold out.

I did try on some of my picks that I saw pre-release and in the lookbook.
The first date print dress.
I did like it, but it was not for me. It was quite short or not the length I wanted it to be on my frame. The fabric was breathable and lovely for the money.
 Had to swish!

This was one of my last heels left. This one I actually loved. It was a 9.5 and I needed a 9. I do love the lacing detail and mesh siding.

All in all, I ended up buying these babies. The one of the left from my home location.
One on the right near by my university.

The print, mesh edgy cap sleeves, truly stole my heart.

I honestly cant wait for the spring to wear these. So I will probably do major layering to show these off very soon.

The Prabal Gurung for Target is a step in the right direction for getting excited about Target Designer Collaborations again, no?

~Kaye Beeh


  1. amazing finds xxxx

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  3. i think it was one of the best they have done so far! hopefully they keep moving forward, love the pieces you snagged :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  4. the sandals of this post.. amazing




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