#LFW: Looks from Mulberry and Peter Pilotto, it all takes the cake

 Two more collections I am loving all the way across the "pond", is Mulberry A/W 13 and Peter Pilotto A/W 13.

Mulberry has awesome top handle and bowling style bags which I cant wait to see play out in stores and gorgeous herringbone plaid english prints that I love. In the coats design or jacket.
I love the way its done as a block itself.
The body of the coat is the plaid and the sleeves are monochromatic black. And dont forget the femme gloves.
Of course leather is not too far behind, makes for a good clean cut look.

Dont forget, your dog can look like you in fabulous playful prints and it is your newest accessory.

For Peter Pilotto, I got the classic sense of his intertwined screened designs but it evolved.
The first cropped jacket reminds me of a bull fighter and the rest of the collection kind of followed suit. The shape of the boxy cut of a jacket is lovely.
The sharp sleeves jutting out is bold and complementary to the color palettes chosen on these panted and skirted looks. Shoulders and the prints together brought out his aesthetic.
His collection this time around is so aesthetically architectural. One of my favorites from London Fashion Week.
Now the question is, will Emma Watson don one of these printed beauties again? I sure hope so.
Hello Cara, I see you! :)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I love Mulberry but a dog on the runway? Oh my goodness!

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  3. I thought the Mulberry collection was wonderful especially all the oversized tweed prints. They showed some gorgeous leather jackets too.

  4. Thank you so much <3


    Coline !

  5. Brilliantly written review dear! I loved Mulberry collection




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  7. You know I love Mulberry. This collection is so beautiful and stylish too. The bags are just fabulous. The Peter Pilotto collection looks so futuristic.

  8. such a great post! loving mulberry's show with the poodles :)
    lots and lots of love


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