#NYFW Leftover Adventure : Tory Burch's Autumn/ Winter 2013

Tory Burch presented a gorgeous collection during last week's epic New York Fashion Week and I had the pleasure to see the photographs develop and live vicariously through instagrams, tweets, and streaming.

Her collection comes as an emancipation to her ex-husband and way to go girl. She did it big.
Not only was this a celebration of her larger network of her empire but this show was not a presentation but a full on runway show.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Thinking of the Tory Burch Girl.
Glamorous. Sophisticated. Fun. Proper. Ladylike but has a little mischevious streak if you can bring it out of her.

She can glam it up for a dinner party. Or put on a whimsical feminine suit, part her hair, and walk with confidence to go have some wholesome fun!

And of course, one of my favorite models these days was there, Cara Delevigne. Can I say she wears the hell outta that tweedy skirt suit set. (Try saying that three times fast)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Great collection!!!


  2. Wow beautiful collection!


  3. Lovely items!
    Thanks for commenting!

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  4. I'm glad that 'sophisticated' and 'ladylike' are things that are coming back into today's fashion!
    This is a beautiful collection.


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