What's in that Rebecca Minkoff bag pussycat?

Technically, Its my Rebecca Minkoff Zebra Rumour Crossbody and Tory Burch City Crossbody I have been alternating between.

I am doing yet another Whats in that bag pussycat but Rebecca Minkoff edition!

Here it is:

I must have my germ-x antibacterial spray, good to be a little clean.
Then my Imju Fiberwig, for instant gratification on the lashes!
And my Garner Nutritioniste Facial Roller. Nice for applying moisturizer and a good massage on the face.

My Rebecca Minkoff Pouch, I put everything cash and cards in here.
My Nars Single Creamy Eyeshadow in El Dorado deep goldish brown.

My little journal from a boutique. Always writing something.
One 'n only Argan Oil, great shine for the hair, silky smooth, smell, and frizz-free!

I always have a guilty pleasure, its my Beanie Baby- Halloween edition. I call him Cedric.
A Burberry Sport perfume, love the smell.
Calvin Klein pedometer, always tracking my steps. Almost 10,000 a day.

Monopoly pieces from Mcdonalds....haha. I NEVER WIN!
My Skyn Iceland Icelandic Eye Relief Pen, feels so good on the eye. No puffiness or darkness.
My Jill Stuart in purple, jelly eyeshadow.
And My Voice Recorder. (Dont ask) ;)

And there you have it. I am equipped for an everyday Beeh Adventure, wherever it takes me I am prepared with cash and a metrocard in hand ready to WERQ.

~Kaye Beeh


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  2. beautiful post...you have super bag =)

  3. Great post, I like reading your blog! :)
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  4. Love your Tory Burch bag, it's awesome! :)

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  5. always curious to see what other girls carry around :) great post!


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  6. I also have a Garnier roller but it´s for my eyebags. ;) Love your bags, they look small but they can hold a lot of things!

  7. I loove nars!


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  9. LOVE the zebra bag!!!!!!!!!


  10. i adore the bags which you put everything you need in dear! i really enjoy reading your blog <3

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  11. haha the voice recorder is an odd touch-- adds mystery ;)


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