Layering on a Wednesday...

This was yesterday's attire Pre- Comic Con which was such a blast today, I have that post coming up. So so tired. Im backed up with press work, school work, and overall work. ;p

But I decided to pop some color these couple of days. Well 2 days in total.

With my scripture Tiffany necklace. :)

Light Blue Sweater : American Eagle
Inside Orange Cardigan (Hermes color sweater) : Calvin Klein
Jeans: Mossimo Premium Skinny Denim in Deep Navy.
Shirt: Vintage St Paddys.
Shoes: Keds X Loomstate Lug Sneakers

Afterwards I found a St. John Coat in Marshalls. 600 of them dollars. XD

Maximum chic.
~Kaye Beeh
xx love.

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