Fur and lunch with the Dutchess...

I wished I knew the Dutchess of Cambridge or the Casiraghis , I have this ongoing fantasy that we would have lunch at smaller Cafes away from the papos on Center Street and then go to the nearby stores and shop. Then afterwards, head to a lounge to read a vintage bound book.

Interesting eh?

Well anyways, here is how a real one went... by myself and a friend.
At Connecticut Muffin with a Poppy seed, mozzarella and tomato sandwich. with my Vanilla Chai Latte Tea ICED.

Later I go to my friend's house! Betsey on the table, away from my face means its rest time.

The dinner I bought to make. Still in the fridge, I will make it today. Its Pasta with Pesto.

Haha, cute Elmo Spoon. I just had to take the picture.

Chanel Fall 2010, circa fabuleux. Marshalls had this jacket. I wanted to buy.

Here is a shot from my new Glamour magazine. Love the prints, PROENZA SCHOULER IS ON MY MIND HERE.

Happy Bidding~


  1. That food looks so good! And the Elmo spoon is adorable :)

  2. Your Latte Tea looks so yummy, hehe and I love your Elmo spoon! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  3. aah, that food pics make want to eat something ♥

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  5. The real one didn't see all that less interesting, haha of course doing some shopping makes most days interesting. Cute elmo spoon.


    Fashion Nostalgia


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