"Ispirazione" the Fall/Winter Inspiration story

My fall/ winter woah. I find that I dress better for fall and winter sometimes than summer itself. Its crazy! Well anyway, I love a look this like this:
The sweater with the color, very monotone but the play on textures I want to test this time around. Fuzzy sleeves and then a smooth slick leather/ black mate shine leggings (which I ordered a pair of, and am thinking of two more different ones) with lace ups.

From Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011. The trench material short jacket with leather sleeves, again play on textures and I love the edgier look.

From United Bamboo Fall 2011. Gorgeous long over coat mixing with the plaid patterning dress and love the hosiery to mix in. Looks very chic and casual cool.

From Devil Wears Prada, Love that look of a crested blazer (its by Chanel), the tweed trim, and the leather leggings with leather boots.

Again mixing!
I love the style of the shirt and crew neck sweatshirt.

My jacket, Duffle/ Toggle Coat is really whimsical and loads of fun to have.

Peter pan collar I love!

The leather sleeved gabardine trench. by Burberry

Anorak trench with a lovely button down and denim. Lace up booties would go nicely with this.

There is so much to be inspired by, taking patterns to mix, textures to play with, different genres and articles of clothing to make it a statement, your statement. The magazine is the helper, but you are the ultimate guide and artform.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Love these jakets, lovely inspiration!! I like your style!
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  2. super pictures...I love jacket on the second picture

  3. Anything black and textured is super nice for me!

  4. Loving those pics, especially the Rebecca Minkoff jacket ! I love the mixture of materials ! You've got great style plus you get to live in my fave place in the world ! How lucky :-)
    I'd like us to follow each other, let me know ! I'd be proud of it ! Kisses from Italy

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