mindfully tough with some leather & patterns

So I was in Target recently, in search of workout gear (no surprise) I had my blue sweat-tech hoodie and wicking capri pants ready then I made it over to the casual wear and outerwear section. I nearly died. The workout stuff long disregarded, I immediately went to the fitting room with these three pieces. The leather moto, the pattern overhead sleeve sweater, well 2 of them.

God its a good price of $40 bucks. So much I could wear it with.

TOUGH. Outsiders should be careful of me. Haha, or better yet I want to join Darry and Ponyboy.

I love the quilted shoulder detail. That is my absolute deciding factor. Moto quilting.

With my sweater....

The sweater with the patterns. Omg. It so smooth when to try it on and very weightless.

Here is a pic from earlier in the week, after my space fall clean up. I found my Calvin Klein Leather Cuff!
Necklace is an old Chanel find. Mother's own but she does not know! Haha.

And thats all for now, til something else shiny or detailed will catch me attention (Irish accent).

~Kaye Beeh

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