Resorts World Casino NYC- We came, we saw, and we never conquered....yet.

So welcome to "ResortsWorld Casino" in Ozone Park, Queens is more like it. An insigna from the Genting Group invites you to come down and check it out. So thats what mother and I did.

It was quite an adventure in that icy snow mini storm, finding your way around the new Resort and old Aqueduct stomping grounds. Parking was funny. Luckily we got very close and ran in!

Welcomed inside, we arrived on the Saturday, day after it opened. Up the escalator, colorful lighting from the machines and a massive tv that could put the Grand Central Terminal train listings to shame.

2 hours later we are still in there. Playing many different games, different denominators. Almost Every machine I went on, I got a bonus game and bonus spins kicking. I wish the fishes were biting!

Sex and The City Machines were all full and taken. Cougarlicious, a bag copy, was unentertaining!

I loved the atmosphere overall and most of the games. Wish they had Eagle Rock though. But I digress.

Only the first floor was open. Due to continued construction, the 2nd floor phase will be open to the public in December. Im excited!

Later, on a roll from these...

We decided to get food. The food court is not generic by anymeans. Every booth had a specific food series and then I saw the mother of all. An Authentic Wolfgang Booth To Go. they had gourmet Chicken Fingers with Fries (Sweet Potato I chose mind you).

I even took it to go. At the machine.

We are all trying to win on Power Strike.

My face when leaving the food court, obviously I was very comfortable in my seat.
I went donning my yellow Pink for the Cure Long Island Lacrosse Series tee, My Disney Tower of Terror Heather Grey Zip up sweater and my H&M Militia Jacket in Navy.

Overall, I see myself coming here alot rather than up in Mount Vernon and Yonkers, for Empire City Raceway.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. yaay casino! :P
    thanks for your comment

  2. I just love the atmosphere of a casino, the clinking machines, and the smell of money in the air! :)

    The Cat Hag


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