Wallets + Rhythm Zone

In other news, today my wallet got stolen with everything in it on the subway. ugh those pickpocketers. My ids, membership cards, cash money, and contact information. Plus my wallet pouch was the Rebecca Minkoff Stone Baby Blue leather one. Metrocard for the month was in it and my whole life. But I am going to try to see if the system does work to get it back to me. Already filed a claim and will file another one with police.

I miss her already. :(

And in other news, I am looking to audition with Avex to join the ranks. I would love to be in Rhythm Zone. I have always wanted to do contemporary with japanese :) Its truly the best sound. I love the artists such as Exile/ J SOUL brothers, Koda Kumi, Shinichi Osawa, May J., M.Flo, and Lisa. They are in Rhythm Zone division under Avex management. I would love to sing omg...many of their songs dominate my sound track. Not to mention my casual impeccable laid back cool style.

~Kaye Beeh

P.S. - I will get back on track. Ive just been so busy. And now my wallet gone, poses a longer problem to deal with.

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