Cali Style and So Little Time

Dont you miss the times of So Little Time back in 2001-2002? Such a good set of years wasnt it. All about 10-12 years old then and loving learning about everything.

I was so in love with Olsen Twins then and still am now. I now separate them into Mary-Kate and Ashley, I always have but that feeling of nostalgia every time I watch these dvds gets into my head. That was a good show.

Especially the fashion back then, so cali laid back. Flip-flops and dusters. I still don the look sometimes.

So here is a toast to Cali.

If you think about it, its not just an era but its still a lifestyle, backed by brands such as PacSun (Pacific Sunwear), Op, American Eagle, and others.

But nobody does it like those three the most. True to its nature and the lifestyle still lives.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. that must be great!

  2. so cute!!!

  3. I adored these girls growing up. Their styles have transitioned into art forms and they will always be admired.


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