They sure can tie spiffy bows.

They sure can tie spiffy bows.

Cue "Walking On A Dream" by Empire of the Sun. Recently, I went and picked up a gorgeous Chanel XL bag. Gorgeous leather and the right size to hold all my shtuff.

Thanks to savings and wonderful opportunities. Oh man, going on broke soon.

The folks at Chanel Soho are always so wonderful.

The last time I went, I promised Id be back and so has it been. The last time I got the Khaki Vert eyeshadow, the purple midnight eyeliner, and the black eyeliner for my mum.

Im checking to see if I really did buy one or im dreaming? My foot checks.

So Happy!

Dancing in happiness!

My other bag. The Burberry from a friend in Japan. Im not sure if I showed you guys but I cant stopped raving over its vintageness.

Also my new Oggi Doubel Insulate Tumbler for 4 bucks from Marshalls. ;) This is from today! Also at marshalls was a nice Cynthia Rowley bedding set and tons and tons of Rowley goodies.

The light is very bright and a new day shall follow more opportunities like this shall present itself! ;)

To top it all off, my wooden carve lucite bangle from the UK arrived today.
All of it: Shot around my house. Kitchen has best lighting since outside we are being dousted with snow and storms.
Bag: Chanel
Hoodie: Yankees Baseball
T-shirt: Out of Money Experience by A. Classics
Cup: Oggi
Bracelet: Vintage

Smile: Priceless.

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. love the chanel bag ;)

  2. Ugh I'm a sucker for packaging too. And CHANEL packaging...EVEN BETTER.

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. Chanel bag ... I want it ! ;)

  4. ahhhh I have my adidas Missy Elliot trainers too!!!
    How cool are we?? ahahhaa
    snap for being sooo coool :p hi5 hahahah x

  5. Nice bag !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want!xxx


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