A little bit of Elle February 2011 & My personal things I love

So, I decided to show you folks my favorite things, not everything of my favorites but just a few that I have out onto my messy desk.

First of all, I love my growing Harajuku Lovers Fragrances. Each has a unique style and scent that can not be messed with. I love it and it stays on for hours, big plus for me.

I want to complete the collection by getting the Big "G" and the rest of girls in summertime and snow bunnies limited editions.

This is my absolute favorite candle by WoodWick, it uses a woodwick inside of a regular waxed wick. I love the nestling sounds of the burning wood but its hard to fish out of that gorgeous smelling wax when it gets dismal. The flavor is Autumn Harvest, I burned and burned and burned.....

These two are my newest collection to my beauty miscellaneous products.

The Au Lait milk which smells so good and is very soft for my skin. It feels like velveteen and is a good lather for a bubble bath. I imagine a golden claw foot tub in the center of the room leaning towards the window over looking Napoli, Italy.

The Philosophy Limited Edition Snow Globe. It makes your skin feel soft and is not greasy. I love the soft smell of winter and shimmer without the 14 year old girls own tubes of Body Glitter, courtesy of extinct Limited Too. Remember those days?

Now onto Elle. February Elle is a life saver. I was not reading any magazines well except Harpers Bazaar because I was in a buzz killing mood but now I am back on track. Vogues, Elles, and all edition, im hunting. Also because second semester begins again in College Life. Oh man.

Anyway, I loved the Spring 2011 Ads, they were gorgeous, ethereal, and very tasteful. The styling done by Kate Lanpheart is very MAJOR. I *heart* Lanphear.

The gorgeous Dior Ad featuring Miss Karlie Kloss for another season.

The ever gorgeous and witty Lake Bell featured.

Devon Aoki makes a splash onto the pages of an editorial.

Katie looking very sensuous and delectable. Bombshell status Id have to agree with.

Nina Dobrev, who I have loved since my Degrassi days, wearing GORG Balenciaga by Nicolas shoes!

Devon again!

Bold faced and fresh faced Emmy Rossum!

Emmy Rossum so stunning and free.

she is a ball of energy!

The Angles of Katie is amazing in this one photograph.

WHIP IT! WHIP IT! I loved this collaboration of items.

Freedom has come back again. Gucci Fall 2009 you can come back again please. :)

I love seeing Ports clothing, so I immediately snapped this photo of their AD! amazing!

Boyishly cute. *love*

My QUEEN, Freja. Stunning in Chanel as always. She invites me to join her on that bench and cover myself in Chanel too.

Then back my things, 3 shoes im living in, well 4. But it was far away.

My Salvatore Ferragamo Brogues, Oxfords, however called, they are fab.

My Restricted OTK boots.

The inside detailing on them. Fur? :D

My ultra motive favorites, my vintage lace up boots. These 2.75-3 inch heeled boots are comfortable and go with whatever I wear. Very appropriate for now. Thanks Burberry for making them get recognition along with I have to thank other brands who delved into this category!

Much Love!


~~ Kaye Beeh

P.S.= I can not believe New York Fashion Week here is in a matter of weeks. I can not wait for the outfits to be worn and whats new for fall.


  1. I'm completely and absolutely in love with the look of the harajuku-fragrances! They're soooo cute!

    *From Munich With Love*

  2. I agree with Angie, the Harajuku fragrances smell sooo good!!

    Also, that Elle editorial is beautiful!

  3. I love the little Harajuku girls! They are too cute!

  4. i love those perfumes - i have them xxx

  5. Love the pictures!!! Great blog:)

    Stop by sometime, maybe we could follow each other if you like??



  6. I want some bath milk it looks super moisturizing. Thanks for sharing the scans as well.

  7. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. xx

  8. YUM boots - loving the magazine shots too :) x

  9. Fun post - I think I need to get me one of those candles x

  10. Love the Chanel editorial!

    X Laila - EnvySplendour


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