Somedays I love a little Polyvore and the occasional rant.

So here is a few of my polyvore sets, I make them when I feel inspired because I like the idea of styling but just for pleasure. I love doing evening inspired outfits, going out with friends outfits, a day at the park outfit, day at the beach outfit, a walk outfit, and any other event.

Basically I love to create a outfit by any means. I just like to throw on things together that I believe will look cool and that "Yeah, im awesome" vibe.

We as girls and boys, should be comfortable to wear what we like and set trends not so much follow them. I admit we succumb to following some like trenches and studs because they are oh so divine, but all in all, wear what you feel is right. Corporations can not force it down your throat. This is another reason why I believe Blogs are becoming the future. Its a whole new voice, an outlet of individualism and creativity.

Magazines I still love as they are also an outlet to voice whats new and what we may love. The internet is a sensation, making these shows available and photos to see make these designers grow and take everything into consideration. I like how this relationship grows over time.


Haha, I made a ton more but I post them some other time!

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. I agree. It's hard not to follow trends. I think it's more okay to follow trends, if the trend is something you're comfortable wearing. I can't stand when people don't actually have their own style, and just change their wardrobe every season/year to fit with what's in.

    I love some of these polyvore picks. Those boots with the plaid inside are fabulous!

  2. Love the boots from the third collage & bags from 5 and 6 <3

  3. Really liking quite a lot of this stuff!

  4. adore the second and last set, they're beautiful!

    Mm, I kinda tend to stay away from trends, and instead pick out things that would naturally work with the rest of my wardrobe :)


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.