Jewels and more Jewels.

So here is my latest jewerly and accessories, which I love. More is in the mail system and in my closet system. Haha.

My Vintage Cuff

My Betsey Johnson Bow tie Mesh Chain necklace.

My impromptu editorial shots with it. Haha, model in the making.

Merino glass ring from a flea market!

My Miu Miu polka dot shades. Not big and normal size. Have to get them fixed. Screw popout on the side.

My Mom's Vintage Chanel Scarf Tie Holder

My new Wooden Lucite Bangles....

My crystal clasp cuff. This piece is very fun.

My trusty Moschino Cheap & Chic watch. The little hanging duck is pretty adorable.

There will be more stuff soon, stay tuned.

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. cute jewelry! especially love the chanel scarf holder. xox

  2. The Chanel stuff is cool, I love the watch though - think it's really pretty! and lmaooo at your 'rant' don't worry it wasnt a rant hahaha, cute cute cute loooool xxx


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