Mirror Mirror on the wall, Is Proenza Schouler the fairest of them all?

To answer that, YES X INFINITY.

I have loved Proenza Schouler ever since they started back in 2002 here in New York City. The two design geniuosos Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough have such personality, creativity, that young hope vibe, and utterly cool feeling that shows within their designs.

Back in 2007, I have had the pleasure of going to a Teen Vogue Meeting with the It Girls about Styles and Denim that we were suprised to know that not only did we get a free pair of Levis and discuss what we liked without being shunned but we would be joining the Fashion University students who are going to listen to Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough discuss their goals, the industry, and all inspirations , interview conducted by the one and only TIM GUNN.

It was madness to get inside,all of us It Girls were bundled together. Haha I got balcony seats, orchestra was filled to the brim. My heart nearly stopped at that time when I realized who walked on stage. It was a total surprise.

As we left, freebies were given and then I left to go to evening dinner with a girl there I met named Annie.

But back to Proenza Schouler, its like everything collection they have done is appropriate for the season and is just plain fashionable, sure you can bundle up in winters but not in utterly repulsive garbs. In the summer, you put your shorts, skirts, and dresses to go have fun. The materials and cutting is also very essential to their brand.

For example, that TIE DYE kills me. Im in still in love with it. I made a D.I.Y. version compliments to PSI I MADE THIS and Jack and Lazaro themselves on Martha Stewart.
(For those who tuned in that day, did you die at the impromptu fashion show and how close stewart was sitting with the guys. Ohhhh my head)

Another PS thing I love is the collab with J-Brand jeans. Once again, I did a D.I.Y. Version, compliments to Nylon for the idea.

Over the years, they have truly expanded their business and attract the young crowd nowadays, like Wang, Lim, Chai, Som, Lang, Malandrino. <---Im telling you Proenza and these other designers are like the top names I hear whenever I walk into Saks or Opening Ceremony. Their lovely bags in store!

Fall 2008 RTW

Spring 2009 RTW

Fall 2009 RTW

Spring 2010 RTW

Fall 2010 RTW

Spring 2011 RTW

We all cannot forget the amazing Proenza bags.

The PS1 is EPIC. Its holds all stuff.

The PS1 in Mochilla. I got the wallet. :D Finally right? I love the regular Mochilla Bag too, thats in my extended wishlist.

The PS shopper. I love it in the two different prints. A great price point not to break the bank much.

The PS11

The PS clutch, Oh yum. I would love to know if you can add straps to it and do crossbody. Im a crossbody and single sling fan. Really.


~~Kaye Beeh

P.S. - If you did not know already, Im in love with Proenza Schouler. Enjoy my tons of photos!


  1. Best post dear!!!))) Beautiful blog.

  2. Yes, their handbags are all just perfect. I would love them all :) xx


  3. them bags and shoes amazing!<3
    like your blog.

  4. I luurrrve their bags :)

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  5. Oh goodness! What I would do for the flash pants! (as I call them) I love proenza to death! You have great taste ;-)

  6. My 2 favorite men!! Great post, they are in my top 3 fave designers!

    xo Antonia

  7. They are so cute, and yet to talented!

  8. I'm torn between the pants, the bags, and the shoes... They're amazing

  9. Proenza Schouler is one of my faves! I continuously lust after the shoes and the bags.. oh the bags! great post darling x

  10. They do no wrong. And the shoes - God, the shoes!


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