An evening at Macys.......a day at home resting.

So I started off saying to myself, no Kat, you can not stay home again today. You must use your Macy's GiftCard from Christmas! And So I decided to go to Macys around 6pm, I always like going out in the afternoon. I get a huge surge of energy then but otherwise mornings are good too.

The day started off with my Namaste Yoga. I have had this dvd from the fit tv best yoga series ever.

Then I drink some of my Yogi Tea. I have a lot of flavors but these are great. Of course, I did not drink the Bedtime tea in my morning. Haha, silly gooses.

Then I decide to do my Turbo Fire workout. Burned like a zillion calories.

Then I ended up watching the Real Housewives of New York City from my season 1 dvd collection. Haha, housewife whourse.

From there, I always surf the internet. I looked at some more shoes, one in particular was the Reebok ZigTech (its like an energy drink for your feet, I WOULD LOVE THAT!) and the other shoe that was pretty cool was a bedazzled clogs on etsy. Haha good job etsy, that is seriously a cool to check though. DIY at its BEST. $$

Then I end up on the mothership. EBAY.

I like to look for cookbooks, vintage pieces, certain types of clothing such as slim ties, certain dresses, and band tees, Proenza Schouler, biosilk hair stuff, and MAGAZINE BACK ISSUES!

I wanted to look for the Anna Wintour First Editor in Chief one because I see people sell them on it a couple of times, with that model girl in normal jeans and a thousands of dollars Christian Lacroix Jeweled Sweater. CLASSIC.

I did manage to find the HUGE September 2007 ISSUE of 840 pages, from notice in the September Issue Movie/Documentary/ or should I say Fashumentary (TRADEMARKED DONT TAKE! hehe)

Then feeling so chill, I went onto Youtube to listen and blast Celestica. Fking love CC (Crystal Castles)
Isn't Alice so mesmerizing.....?

By this time, I put it onto my ipod to continue playing and head to the post office to mail stuff, since I have a ebay business and then do my gift card splurging at Macys, since I really do not go there much at all.

But before I go, I decide to wear my new vintage (hehe play on words) Andriano Lambswool and Angora Jeweled Sweater. (it is really purple, but my camera always shows blue on purple things)
You can wrap and hide in it! :D

My vintage libra cuff.

As soon as I go in, there is a sale of a ton of stuff.

Michael Kors accessories such as wristlets, key chains, and bracelets at 50% off.

Having a laugh at my Mum. She is the camera person.

Then I saw this lovely Juicy Couture Bag. I thought that this could be nice on an evening out to dinner or just wear it whenever you feel it. LUX LUX LUX

Then walked over to the jewerly and watches counter. I love watches. Saw some Fossil Ceramics and some Michael Kors ceramics. God, I am in love. LOVE LOVE. But this baby, is a Bulova $2,000 Diamond Watch. I could have bought it a few months ago, but I blew some dough I had. Dang. Its not gawdy, its just simply gorgeous.

I am really happy by this time. I found the Michael Kors Watch Counter!

I also love that there is a Lush in Macys now so I do not have to travel out too far. There was a sale of Buy one get one free only with select items of a dude's sticker put on it. So I got two soaps and two bath bombs.

Playing with the mirror at Macys,

My outfit for today:

Jacket: From Yugoslavia toggle plaid coat
Sweater: (in other photo): Andriano Purple Wool Jeweled and Designed
Jeans: Gap Premium Skinnies
Boots: Tahari Knee High boots
Belt: (not shown): Anna Sui Sun God Colorful Belt
Watch: Micheal Kors
Bracelet: Vintage Libra

Tmrw, Ill tell you guys about my perfume collection. I have a hard time figuring out what scent I wanna go for. Oy.

~~Kaye Beeh


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  2. Very nice Libra cuff, are you a Libra?
    Also I am a big fan of Lush, I went to the buy one get one sale and totally splurged, haha.
    I like your profile picture!! Baboo is one of my favorite Uglydolls, I have a lot of them (about 20) so that's a statement!

  3. wow! lovely blog and such cool finds of yours! i would love a copy of that vogue. yoga is great in the morning :)


    The Flower Girl


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  5. loving this!
    im such a fan of your blog, you know ill be back!
    hope you had a happy new year!
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