Burberry Prorsum Menswear A/W 2011

This was the best well put together show, I commend Christopher Bailey for his work on the menswear line for Burberry. When I heard it was coming on Milan time, I missed it then someone ErichBen graciously put it on youtube, Thanks so much Erich!

And I had to enjoy those 7-8 minutes distraction free. It did happen and im glad it did.

First of all, I loved the tailoring and details put into every look. I loved the double breasted jackets and the slim fitting pants. My ideal man showed in the Burberry Autumn collection for this fall, later on this year. The trench coats I saw were really lovely, I want a piece of this collection myself. Also, I loved some of the close fitting sweaters with the pants that make an immense casual look. What else was lovely was the satchels that the male models were carrying, they were so manly and yet European.

It is European in which, I definitely saw the English, the Spanish, the Russian, the Eastern, the French, and the Italian man all involved in this collection.

I also felt a little Bondness being evoked through the collection. The mysterious man who dresses very very very well and has this aura that pulls you in.

I truly loved this collection and the hats with the white with black blobs was very cute. The matching coat at the end was tasteful along with the plaid long peacoats. The usual Burberry plaid is seen but its not boring, just taken up a notch into new heights.

BUT, that is not all. The ending I never expected with the rain and all the male models in transparent rain coat pieces. The cameras tilt giving a downward view onto the model walking the final run through.

The overall atmosphere was very casual, mysterious, and yet romantic. The rain was a great surprise and touch at the end. It was very beautiful.

Congrats to Christopher Bailey on a great show, I wish I could have been there to see the beauty in person!


  1. i love burberry! i have a trench and i love it so much

    The Flower Girl



  2. I just love burberry!
    It's so classy and fabulous!

  3. Got to love burberry - christopher bailey is such a creative genius!

  4. Love the male models teehee :D

    X Laila - EnvySplendour


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