Armani Prive Couture Spring 2011

With this collection, you truly travel through the space time continuum.

I felt like Star Trek in Europe. ;) And as much as I love Planetariums, constellations, and space related goodies, this collection made a nice mix.

The fabrics used I am in amazement over. Especially the shiny organza? The hidden eyes, and the view of a very mysterious woman. The Decollatage was definitely in full on focus in this collection.

The photo above with the purpled hue jacket has a very nice tailoring to give the right fit and strong shoulders. The pants with the white rippling-effect prints is gorgeous. I find that If I had money then that would be a purchase to make. It could be worn with anything and everything. Very versatile.

And also the fringing necklaces are amazing to pair with that jacket. Good styling made to good use in this collection.

The makeup a subtle yet deep marking purple-black hue. Reminds me of the recent Lanvin show.

My only thing with this collection is many reds are being seen and neutral colors, so how could this mix in?
Then again, the Armani Prive woman is bold.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Amazing pics! Especially the first one caught my eyes...

    *From Munich With Love*

  2. I know! It's so Star Trek, isn't it? I don't know if I like it as a collection, though I love the pieces individually.

  3. ME TOO! I love anything starry, or to do with constellations, I think Armani really hit it this time. I'm very impressed by the entire collection. the hat I think gives it a more chic approach - a shy mysterious yet sexy woman by shielding the eyes. the shoulder pads makes it serious and more futuristic. The patterns are fresh and new to look at. Im so so so impressed. Definitely a good collection!

  4. God it's absolutely adorable! Wish I could afford/had somewhere to wear something like this x


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