Atsuro Tayama, I love you.

As you all may know, I love to cover new, upcoming, or unknown talent. This time, its my favorite designer who has been around for a while, Atsuro Tayama.

He is from Japan and is based in Paris. Just like other Japanese Designers like Rei K, Yohji Yamamoto, and Kansai Y.

Tayama began his career at Yohji Yamamoto. In 1982 in Tokyo, he founded M.T Company his own firm, premiering his A.T collection. In 1991, he created Atsuro Tayama and was invited by La Chambre Syndicale du Prêt à Porter for his first show in Paris.
Then successfully opened his own store in 1997, which is expanding.

I for one love his clothes because he can be eclectic but yet romantic. His use of textures, patterns, and tailoring is one to fawn and awe over. His usage of color and neutrals is very very smart. He is always innovative and you do not know what you expect except the beauty of his stream of consciousness and his rendition of what women want and what would look beautiful on them. I agree that his clothes are like a finished canvas. Its the wearer's job to know what they want to wear it with or add to the masterpiece.

Photo Credits to Quartier General

I have a vintage Atsuro Tayama Blazer that has an amazing detail of symmetrical descending buttons in the shape of a triangle and the floral detailing on the inside sleeve and the amazing romantic feel of the cream color. I cant wait to wear it again.

I also love what this jacket does for my silhouette.

Haha, random picture of a centerpiece I designed. Yes, I also design centerpieces and floral arrangements. I also am looking into Japanese Florals and Tea Ceremonies.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Those platform shoes could not have been in existence without me knowing of them! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

  2. loving your blog and i'll be back for your next post!
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  3. wow lovely blazer!

    The Flower Girl



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