Vintage Frintage

So today was only one class, so excited I got out during day time, FINALLY.
I flocked to Target to get Giada De Laurentis Pasta and sauce for tomorrow. I decided to make a cuisine and finally help out this year "GIT OFF YER LAZY BOOM"! :)

It was hilarious the whole day because you meet a lot of characters in many places. The jokester driver, the behind neighbors kindness, the assholery of a few folks, and long lines at travel heading out east.

The further lacing detail of my vintage boots, which I am in love with, third day in a row wearing them.

My Hagro vintage jacket I bought for $5. The navy blue stature with the emeralg green trim lines and pocket details, Yum. :)

My shirt I wore, I love it to death ever since I bought weeks ago. Its from Uniqlo, it says "Talk to the hand", indeed the right shirt on a gridlock day like it was today. "Dont ask me girlfriend."

A Further look at my favorite PS1-espque bag :)

Oh Montauk, I miss you. <3

Jacket : Vintage (Hagro)
Jeans : The lovely GAP Premium Skinnies (I got a boat load)
Boots : Vintage Lace up boots
Shirt : "Hand" from Uniqlo
Belt : (that cant be seen) : Anna Sui (Ill show a pic of the belt tmrw, its truly colorful and Ill tell the story behind it)

Basically I ended the day with a little Japanese television, Gaki No Tsukai - Im not yor errand boy!

~~Kaye Beeh

P.S. - (Tomorrow, pics of food that my home that was made....and the stuff I attempted all here. Tune in for an emotional roller coaster)


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.