Diesel Lingerie Scandal w/ Bklyn

The scandal involving Diesel Jeans Lingerie impromtu shoot at the Brooklyn Law Library has the law school students now hanging their heads down in shame.

For me, I say "Was it short notice?" "Did they lie about the shoot?" "What happens now?"

So many questions lie but I truly find it funny. when you type in 'brooklyn law library' many scandality clad bodies show up from the diesel shoot. The first photo is the prestigious library pre-shoot and now its in madness.

There is only question I can answer, Diesel PR and consultations never lied about it being for lingerie they said.

A few people are now say oh "lets boycott diesel". I say bullshit, I love their jeans and sneakers. People are just blowing it out of proportion.

I would not be shocked if this is all creation of publicity, which is very successful.

~Kaye Beeh

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