Lanvin x H&M Aftermath

Everyone must be using a regular bathroom and sleeping in their own beds today! Some feel accomplished and many feeling down and dissapointed. Some of you are not even awake at this 10 am hour. Some went out for Harry Potter after the Lanvin madness.

People rushing there today to scrumple whats left and see the aftermath, which I commend the clean up and regular employees.

Some employees themselves might have tried to pick out and take a few pieces. HAHA.

Now some selling them more than life on ebay, the 39.99 shirts going for hundreds and the fur jackets and wonderful dresses and the colors! Whimsical designs that are timeless indeed. Alber Elbaz makes Lanvin and this experience for everyone truly memorable.

I can tell you this generated more media than Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, and Matthew Williamson for H&M.

~~Kaye Beeh

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