Turbo Fire baby!

So currently I have not discussed anything about my fitness and exercising routines recently, so I will give away to that now!

I am currently on Turbo Fire week 3 and it is INTENSE! But I love it currently on a 2 pound weight loss, the thing is I eat like a normally do which is between healthy and somewhat healthy foods in moderation. I hardly follow diets to the T because it is difficult and really not my style.

I love the cardio intensity and the well deserved stretches and the calories burned is amazing. It ranges from 200 cals for 15 minutes to 1100 for an hour! I have burned that many. Thanks to my purchase of the Garmin FR60 Womens heart rate monitor I can accurately track everything.

The punches and kicks it feels like a kickboxing/boxing/dance class!

Also im currently trying to ease in p90x with it at the same time. Before I got through a week but had to stop.

~~Kaye Beeh

Wish me luck on this journey!

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