The Gossip Returns

After a week long break, the well-deserved episode of the "The Aftermath" finally aired.

It was amazing. The acting was on point and the plot I see gets very mysterious. I like the fact that we all know Juliet Sharpe is the true black sheep and.....

An unlikely duo of Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf are the main Tag Team to take down Juliet and restore "honor" and credability to Serena.

Serena feels as if she did go down a downward spiral but it was just the inhale from the mask!

Vanessa one of the three witches, flees town by calling her mom and after Jenny, who I love recently, said cats out of the bag, "try to find a good way to lie out of this one". Basically before, Vanessa decided to make Jenny take the downfall.

Tables have turned. Jenny has a heartfelt and truth talk with Blair that makes them on neutral ground.

Now we can see why Blair would banish Jenny, Upper East Side can break you or destroy you entirely.

Gossip Girl next week is all about catching that black sheep Juliet and making the bitch suffer.

You know you love it.

~Kaye Beeh

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