My ultimate 2010-2011 Holiday Wish List

Zomg, I have been waiting to do one of these for a while. Now Im doing one. It ranges from A-Z. <3

1. Tory Burch Snake Print Reva Ballerina Flats
The elegance all in a pair of flats. Inner Diva. Werqq.

2. Michael Kors Joplin Boot. I love the toughness and yet the chic look to it. I love boots with lacing and zippering detail. Military style without fighting.

3. Ecote Canvas & Leather Backpack from Urban Outfitters
I love canvas backpacks and you could stuff everything into them and be awesome. I dont know why but this one has a special feel, like a rural militia feel to it.

4. Dr Martens Boots
Give me my Doc Martens already! Haha, I love these shoes. Classic and could be worn with anything to give it a tougher feel. Many times its pair with dresses or skinny jeans carried with satchels often.

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Flurry Crossbody Bag
This bag reminds me of the Chanel Fall 2010 collection but as cool as it. It looks so elegant and can be worn with any outfit. Its flurry :)

6. Alexander Wang Frankie Velvet Boots
I like these boots, they have the lace up front and the front is kinda long point.

7. Alexander Wang Sydney Velvet Backpack
These make me die! Ever since I saw the Fall 2010 show, I have been in love with it, I used scarves to tie around my backpacks to get the same effect.

8. Stine Goya Landscape Coat
It feels like an art piece to me. So endlessly long, can wrap yourself in it to hide, and good for getting cozy :)

9. Lanvin x HM Faux Fur Flurry Jacket
I know how many people queued for the items, probably thousands to hundred thousands. This one is a rarity and I love it. So chic and european. This one especially Im dying over now.

10. Chie Mihara Rosette-Detailed Lace-Up Bootie
I love the rosy and "flowers" detailing in the front to the side. They look like they blooming out of the shoe. Very romantic. The color is divine.

11. Diane Von Furstenberg Grace Zebra-Print Day Bag
Im a sucker for zebra print. I love the size and overall look of the bag. You could go elegant or wild with it!

OMG, dying over this coat.

13. Burberry Wide double breasted swing coat
I love the elegance of Burberry coats.

14. Burberry double breasted packaway trench coat
I love trench coats especially the burberry type, it has that classic yet european feel to it. I feel as if wearing a trench coat will dive me into 1990s "Keeping Up Appearances" Britain, where Richard had the best trench coats ever.

15. Tom Ford Nikita Cat-Eye Sunglasses
I love the cat-eye sunglass look, especially these, the shade of the frames and the overall elegant look on the wearer. I believe the face looks more defined with them on!

16. Proenza Schouler Medium Columbian Mochilla PS1
As some of you may know, I love Proenza Schouler's bags, I already have one of their PS1 bags suede in the cigarette color. Im looking to get different varieties!

17. Alexander Wang Merino Wool Leg Warmers
These are so cool and yet very warm. I remember them from Fall 2010, when the models were showing bellies, well their legs must have been warm!

Obviously, I like, love, and die over a lot of things because this list could go on and on for months-years.

~~Kaye Beeh

P.S. -- A Photo of my icon with his bag that killed me ;)


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.