Google + Fashion ......HMMMM.

With this in mind, I now have license to put a picture of my ICON Linda Evangelista in my favorite collection which is a print ad for Prada Fall/Winter 2011

Tis true, Google is anting up in the poker game. They recently bought the space and are trying their winning hand at an online fashion site. Its for online shopping not only boutiques but fashion as inspired or worn by celebrities and icons for sale.

They are making this announcement tomorrow at their High Tech Fuses with High Fashion New York event. I would love to go and let you guys know more but I really want to know myself! :D

They decided this idea when they saw the inspiration and the will to do better from Ebay's own 'Fashion Vault' idea.

Not bad. Technoology and Fashion strikes together again! Bloggers and eMags are here to stay.
~~Kaye Beeh

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