Gardein Food + Amy's Food Organic, meat-free, or overall healthy

That is a photo from my lastest venture in healthy wholesome foods. Gardein I heard about from Vital Juice and from my friend, not simultaneously in that order, I decided to give it a try. I cringed at first when I heard meat-free, I asked myself, how would it taste and what exactly did they use. Soy Protein is the ingredient used instead. Now, I love it. I have it almost everyday for lunch, when I remember its my freezer. I have the chipotle one and I have the seven grain. They also do many other varieties of other (meat-kinds?).

Another brand of foods im starting to love is within the organics family by a girl named AMY. A variety of soups, dinner foods, lasagna, pizzas, rice bowls, and others. What I truly love is some is family size and some is individualized. So one does not have calculate and make up a mistake by eyeing.

~~Kaye Beeh

P.S. - Next I want to have is Organic Avenue drinks and try the BluePrint & Cooler Cleanse programs. Its almost 2011, new start.

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