A beautiful day of blinding lights

The theme the last few days have been based on U2 songs, A Beautiful Day and the City of Blinding Lights, two of my favorite songs by them. The days started off with my strawberry filled crepes.

Thanksgiving was amazing, though I am thankful I did not eat myself into food coma, as did many. No turkey this year, well not for a while. Rather we had oxtail instead and chicken :) Yes there was alternatives this year, some soy and tofu blah blah.

But anyway, the day after was madness, Black Friday Shopping. Everyone I knew went up to Woodbury Commons Outlet up at Central Valley, for some deals. Yes there is a Chanel outlet there, gorgeous. I never been to Woodbury Commons but when I do, its pictures time! I have gone to other outlets.

Anyways, I got a great deal on Giada for Target pasta, the pasta sauce, and a blender! :)

Other news, I stopped by Chinatown to get my usual grocery, clothing, and soho mix. I got the last perfume to my Harajuku Girls Collection. I have Love, Angel, Music and Baby. :) I also have the small music one.

Jacket: Columbia
shirt: Plaid shirt by Bitten by SJP
Jeans: GAP Premium Skinnies
Shoes (not pictured): Tahari boots
Bag: Louis Vuitton Damier Azul
(one of my favorite photos of the past few days, vintagey feel)

*Sigh Sigh*

But I was in Jersey for the weekend for real! I will not say I saw a lot of leopard prints though. This girl had on the tory burch flats on my wishlist! The same reva snake print flats! I nearly died.

Another day, another way.

~~Kaye Beeh

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