NYC Sights

When you live somewhere, you are so caught up in going to work, school, and then going home, perusing about on the computer and television, that you do not take the time to appreciate the sights and maybe just maybe, go into Tourist adorned Times Square.
This was a countdown banner sponsored by the Times Square Marriott Marquis, I havent gone back since to see what it was about.
Central Park South Horse Drawn Carriages, havent rode in one since I was 6. I know there is an ongoing debate out it for years in terms of animal treatment, taxation on the business, etc. I just hope they do not forget the tourist spirit and attraction it has.

I mean the magnitude of New York City energy or the epicenter of arts, entertainment, and its spirit lies within its heart which is midtown, specifically Times Square. I have not been to Times Square in 4 years but I gotta say, having a nice day trip to the Met Museum (Which I have never been to) and then passing by the Manhattan Hotel by Tkts booth.
The outside of the Met Museum, its so beautiful especially with all of the pigeons on the steps. Many a times in Gossip Girl Manhattan, this is the scene for the show with the power struggles between Blair, Serena and Jenny.

Here is a couple of my favorite shots. The big staircase leading to the second floor, the anticipation you feel going up to see thousands and thousands of years of art history, culture, and civilization. I have a couple of snapshots like a Seurat painting, which will be in my instagram posted, since I gramed it out, but I especially loved this Edgar Degas Dance Class Sketch from the 19th century. Degas extremely knew how to create the balance between classic and modern, perceived and reality, the lie that is the truth. He captured the classic ballet dance forms on these working class originated girls, though his access to them and being in classes is always questionable. Was it appropriate because he was an avid show goer or did he admire them, did he find solace in them? Or was it an obsession that became too real, an older man among younger women?

Many things can be speculated but if you look into his history and the paintings, you can see the draw lines and brush strokes, exactly how he created it and the intention.

Overall, we need time to stop and observe whats around us in the city. It is the melting pot of culture, the plethora of many different life circumstances, and how we all work, play, and eat in this densely populated city.

~Kaye Beeh

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