Coach Party: Bonnie Cashin

Featuring one of my favorite new pieces straight from the thrift store, a limited edition special edition Bonnie Cashin Dolly Collection Classic Tote. Its a very high meets low end aesthetic that Bonnie was known for.

Bonnie Cashin was one of the special Coach founding designers. The prolific Creative Director was known for diffusion lines of high and low end price points, leather in high end luxury, layering style, and was a pioneer for early ready to wear fashion. Basically, she helped evolve the shape of design and fashion today.

I mean look at that turnlock signature pocket so abstractly on the front. Also the navy blue fabric and pink leather trims throughout! Not to mention, the print and dolly sketch girl on the front. Reminiscent of a 1920s glamour girl that I've seen Henri Bendel do a modern and classic version of.

Overall a favorite in my bag collection now :)

~Kaye Beeh

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