Fitness: Holiday Workouts

So we have all officially celebrated the big day and are continuing the winter holiday season with other faiths, but we have all eaten more than we should or probably indulged a bit too heavily! I know I am not alone on this. For those that are getting into the fitness game, or are continuing like me but like a little variety, here are some recently released youtube workouts by Power Trainers Tony Horton, Shaun T, and Tracy Anderson. There are other suggested videos by the same trainers or similar to that certain style of workout.

Tony Horton's New Holiday Workout!

Shaun T New Shoulders and Biceps Workout!

Tracy Anderson Arms Webisode Workout!

Currently I am doing the newly released Insanity Max 30, so if you have checked out my twitter and instagram, I have been blabbering on about maxing out every chance I get. Its all about accountability and getting through the next two months of this tabata style workout. So far, I am in week 2 and it doesn't get any easier and I love it :)

Remember, New Years is coming up, starting your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey is only the first step but continuity and accountability to keep it going is key.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. I am glad that you mentioned continuity and accountability. A lot of my friends refuse to indulge over the Holidays but I think they’re missing out. If you’re commitment to good health through healthy eating and exercise all year, one binge period won’t make that much difference. Yes I indulge over Christmas but I also book myself on a fitness retreat in January to ensure I’m right back on track with my goals straight away in the New Year.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness


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