Retrospect: Remembering Atlantic City

I am speaking of Atlantic City in past and present terms for this piece. I put together a progressive collage, from my June 2014 trip back when Revel AC and Showboat was open. Little did I know those would be the last moments Id spend at them before they would close months later. 

Got to experience the Revel on the Boardwalk, Vegas style dinning, playing, shows, and spectacular amenities. Not to mention enjoying Showboat has I have been vacationing with family there for a span of a decade. The House of Blues, so many legends have performed and visited there. Not to mention, the Mardi Gras theme and fun events to always enjoy! So sad to see all these properties close, including the impending bankruptcy behind the Trump Taj Mahal as well.

I do believe Atlantic City can be saved, 100% Casinos opening all over the place that was impending and we cannot change that but what one can take advantage of is renewing interest for families, married couples, and youngsters in their 20s who want to party. Take advantage of the seaside resort its famous for and build up the city! Everyone living below the poverty line should be helped out by: rebuilding infrastructures, implementing safer policing policies, more community and resident programs, opening schools, and better choices of availability of stores and after school programs for natives.

Remember when Las Vegas was a dump? Now its prolific for everything. Atlantic City could be the hot ticket again, just need investors, time, and initiatives. 

~Kaye Beeh


  1. i've never been to AC but i'm rooting for it ;)

  2. Thanks a lot for appealing to visit AC, I think this would help really many people there! And what you write about AC sounds interesting :) I have never been there ...

    Wish you only the best for the New Year!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  3. You had fun in Atlantic City! Happy New Year to you!


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.