Nordie Finds: Green and Pony

I havent been to my Nordstrom Rack stomping ground in weeks and I gotta say the insurgence of items from the Clear the Racks, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and other cold weather gear delighted me.
Looked at the Clear the Racks, it was quite annoying how nothing of substance or particular discount was interesting. Then went over to clothing, where I saw this gorgeous Andrew Marc leather jacket but stopped myself because I already have one in another style that is cuter. And this lovely warm black wrap with fold over lapel that was Rick Owens style, I put that back also.

I proceeded to head over to the sunglasses styles and looked at the items that were on sale, and saw these previous season Prada babies!! They were like the taxi ones I wanted and I love the green shade and fit. They were a steal at $29.50, so I got them. Plus the sales associate said I could take with any sunglasses case I wanted, so I picked an equally green case that fit it gorgeous which is by Kate Spade.

I lastly forayed into handbags where a lot of damage could happen because of the cute Marc Jacobs bags, not Marc by Marc but MARC JACOBS main line where there was a white mini purse and striped red and white leather carry bag. But I decided, next time i would sift through and make a great purchase but I went to the Rebecca Minkoffs. You see with Rebecca Minkoffs, I cant just buy the tri zips or Macs because I already own so many of them in different styles and colors, so it would have to be something extraordinary to buy it. I did see other nice totes and the Elle bag but decided that it would have to be another time.

I did find this gorgeous pony hair mini cupid for $175. This is my first bag purchase in a long time and I gotta say that I love it. I never had a cupid before.

~Kaye Beeh

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