Hello Rebecca Minkoff, Its me Kaye Beeh~

So I have been busy with my fitness and conditioning, not to mention preparing for Fashion Week in September and Comic Con in October.

But I always have the time to relax and shop, even thought recently I am not into it as much. Maybe its a sign of my changed tastes.

Anyways, I went to Off Saks 5th yesterday and looked through their inventory, everything was 30% off and red marked items were 60% off. I was juggling between Spierry Top Sider Floral Sneakers, a Rebecca Minkoff iPad case, and another Rebecca Minkoff bag.

I said "SCREW IT" and got the Rebecca Minkoff Purple Boyfriend Crossbody.
The leather is gorgeous and yummy plus its my favorite color.
I paid $85.00 for it. Yes, my baby had the red tag.

Idk what it is but there is just something about Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Accessories, Im a sucker for it. I already have two other Rebecca Minkoff Bags and 2 coin pouches. God knows my collection is only going to increase!!

Lastly, I have two news items for you guys:

First, the New York Fashion Week schedule is out, so you guys can start making your favorite designers lists!

Also you guys can follow my twitter @RealKath_JL , I always post funny things to my fellow twatters and always have fresh boiled news coming in.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I like the purple. Good bargain!

  2. Hey ! thanks for your comment

    Lucky you, that is a very pretty bag, I've always liked purple

    new outfit post

  3. Cute bag!


  4. Cute bag :)


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