Let the goods times roll

 Enjoying the last few moments of freedom, before classes begin. I went to my favorite place the casino and won some great cash.

Then went over the vintage furniture store and saw this lovely desk for $95. Comes with the hutch pictured below it.

I am changing my generic desk and going for a french mystique one. I like it as it will match with the riviera and deco style im going for. I will update more on my progress and inspirations for my new bedroom/workspace.

Also they had this adorable Spongebob Luggage. I wanted it!

Ready for Halloween, I might be a pirate and paste a bird on my shoulder.

Then from today, went to Johnny Rockets for the first time. I loved the atmosphere and the food. Quite memorable. I mean no wonder people line up for miles to get in.

My new lamp from the same furniture vintage store, paid only $8 for this Humpty Dumpty Lamp.
And next to my new sunglasses from an Off Saks I went to.
Miu Miu Glasses in a brand new Gucci Sunglasses Case Set. Paid 30 dollars for them. Snaazzyyy.

And a new Michael Kors hat I scored for 13 bucks. :}

Well, always a pleasure.

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.