Breaking News:Avengers 2 has a DATE SET

Hey folks,

Just to let you guys know, I got word from a source that the Avengers sequel, Avengers 2, now has a movie theater release date! Sequel to the blockbuster hit that made its way into our hearts in the beginning of the summer.

Your coordination during the movie was probably challenged. When you saw hands raised, punches thrown, and movement, you probably moved alot too, maybe mimicking "a hero's power".

Anyways, back to the release date. It is slated to hit theaters....... May 1, 2015.

 Lets admire this mural until 2015. About 3 years from now.

But I have faith they want it to be even better than the first, and what better way than keep the same actors and KEEP ON JOSS WHEDON for the project please. But guess what,
Joss Whedon will return confirmed Disney Reps this past Thursday.

~Kaye Beeh
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