Tom Felton & Nicholas Brendon TO NYCC

Big news to all DieHard Cult Harry Potter Fans and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fans.

Remember when Draco Malfoy cried in that boys bathroom and then came the epic Sectumsempra Spell from Harry Potter in their bathroom water everywhere battle!?!

Also Remember Zander with Tara and when that evil Callum Destroyed his eye!

Well, both Tom Felton and Nicholas Brendon are coming to NYCC this Fall to answer questions, sign autographs, and take photographs!

I am seriously excited to see them both in person, I mean this is huge.

Tom Felton is a heartthrob of both Harry Potter fame and when he was that evil ape care taker in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

And Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayers as the ever smart, comedic, and reliable Xander!

This is such a great opportunity for die hard fans to come and check it out. You know I will be there for sure!

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.