Target + Chanel + Bonnie (not consistently )

With my bonnie + clyde meets Linda Evangelista moment. I had with my mom's print scarf, my new ralph lauren wool gloves I found at the flea market and my new sunglasses.

Love these glasses because they are large and have a pink rose flower underneath the lens at the bottom corners. Look at it!

What a beautiful Saturday. see the chains of the Chanel? Lately, I have not been feeling like any other hair but a pony.

Michellin Man~

Best food ever passing by.

Soon to be new bike at Target. At this moment, we were having fun in Target. Mum and I.

She feels right at home. ~

Style: With my favorite ST Paddys Tee, my extra large and comfy Max Mara Double Breasted Jacket, and Gap Cargos. Shoes: Star Crossed Black/Red by Converse. I want those Marimekko Converses. Ill buy from Net-a-porter, they have it. Gray hoodie, old one from H.S. Varsity Science Team. XD NEERD.

Haaayyy~ Werq it gurrl.

We found these adorable helmets! my fav pic of one. cat.

Bunnyella !

Monster pete wants me head for lunch.

I wanted it. love love love~

Photo with the Chanel Jumbo that I have had for 3 months about now.

The next thing I envision myself buying is an LV Epi Leather Zippy coin purse in red. I dream of it, a necklace I saw at Zara, and the Chanel khaki vert nail polish.

Next post is what was in my Chanel bag yesterday, Saturday and youll definitely want to see what I carry day to day wheresoever if its my bagpack or regular sling ......
Also what I bought at the Saturday Flea Market.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Hehe!! they are really cute helmets :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. funny pics! love your scarf!


  3. You look fabulous! The leopard scarf and sunglasses are so chic! I love your blog and now following!!! Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)



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