Spring Break, Kiddos, and Ebay

So I have taken upon myself to enjoy my 1 week off with the additional 4 days along with it to rest, exercise, do the work I need to catch up on, spend time with family, do things I enjoy, volunteer and watch hours of mindless tv.

So I always volunteer at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which is a very lovely place to visit, I believe there is free admission days. This Spring Break we had workshops for the kiddos and here is a few photos from it. It was Earth week and nearing Earth Day so we wanted kids to explore the various lands, do arts and crafts, and do scavenger hunts. I had tons of fun.

It was so much fun and I love volunteering and hanging out there.
On my way to my friend's home to chill with strawberry daquiris...
Dont you see like cat's eyes?

Then the train station. I love when the trains run outdoors so you can still see outside.

On train :) With my new Versace shades. And a closer look at my favorite Lucky Brand Bee and Flower Dangle Earrings.

Gotta have my fig newton. :) During that day, I forgot to eat.

Arent construction sights during this time of day, so aesthetically right?

Ode to Terry Richardson.

Later I drifted into Marshalls and found these bags I love:
This Cole Haan, good quality and doesnt it remind you of someone we all know and love?

This one was a find! I love the influenced material and the way it can make a minimalist outfit be popped.

And finally, Im doing my spring cleaning, de-moisturing the closets, moth balling it up away from those pesky moths, and selling some things I have on Ebay. All crisp, great conditions, can be from new without tags or pre-owned but tried on once, or worn a few times but still has lots of life.

About time I make space. New Leaf is growing, called Spring into Life.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. ♥ So nice post.)) I love your blog♥

  2. Sounds like a great plan for the week, have fun!



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