Royal Wedding ---The Day and Aftermath

Okay, so when I woke up exactly around 8:20 they kissed when I turned on the tv. Thats when I got hooked. Before I was like thats a nice wedding happening and all but I wasnt so excited. Now im really excited but not overly joyous like Im a stalker get it?

But yeah it was beautiful. The Cartier Tiara gorgeous. Kate did her own makeup. Amazing.
The Dress: Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Im glad to see her choose this dress and designer, such an honor and homage at the same time. May McQueen rest in peace.

But yeah I liked it overall. William and Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in addition to Prince and Princess. Marvelous!

Pippa her sister looked great and Harry, omg heartthrob after all these years still!

I have photos of it all. :) I dvred it too.

Im excited but not overly, Ill reiterate that idea again.But I felt this Royal Wedding needed a huger posting than a brief mention yesterday.

It is also cool that her name and my name is the same. Catherine. Except mine is spelt with a K, so its Katherine.

Their awesome car they drove away in!


OH the 2 kisses.

I love this pic of the brothers!

Beautiful. Before the Wedding!

Official Royal Family Wedding Photo!

I want this plate now.

They look cute next to other ill admit. Pipa and Harry. Lol here is where Harry made a joke (yes I rewatched only once though, okay twice!)

William and Harry! Heartthrobs!

The Day After. Meaning Today Saturday, they are seen taking a stroll.

Now Husband and Wife.

I love this man. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury.

All it was an amazing experience and I thank social media and Will & Kate for the opportunity to let us all in on their special day! good day!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. It was such a beautiful wedding, and I agree choosing Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton was an excellent choice, paying homage and looking beautiful!

    And Pippa looked gorgeous, loved her dress! Good photos, I couldn't find the official wedding photos! Thanks love :)

  2. I love Kate she looked so beautiful!

  3. loved watching it, i felt like i was actually there man ahahaha dont they just make the cutest couple??? xxx

  4. love this. amazing recap. Thanks for another great post. Don't forget to swing by for all the latest celebrity fashion. xoxo


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