Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I have been getting busy with school work, college is no joke bro and many other new things coming up. I also have the Tribeca Film Festival coming up! I am thinking of updating the blog with more content and maybe change the layout. anyways, So I have recently gotten inspired by looking to the floor, the concrete, the sidewalks, the cobbled paths, the sand, and the grass! Seeing feet but most importantly seeing all these various shoes that everyone wears. So, these are some photos of shoes im in love with right now and would love to own at any time.

First up: The Christian Louboutin Nuria. Priced at 525, I believe they are perfection. I love the material used, the straps are so awesome:

Next shoe I am loving is these Miu Miu CorkWedges:

I love these Jil Sander Two-color brogues. Major color block:

These Alexander Wang Im saving up for. They are 600 something. Maybe in a year or a few months from now. Hahaha. The Alexander Wang Aaron:

Converse x Marimekko Designs. I love them.

These Studded Converses are lovely.

I have tons of converses but these take the CAKE.

So, I also love these, Im sure these are nothing new.
Prada creepers: I dont care if people say they are ugly or whatever, they are so interesting!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. these shoes are amazing. great picks love. super glad I found your blog. I'm following now, I hope you will to. My sites all about celebrity fashion by an LA stylist. swing by and see breaking news from Rachel Zoe's former assistant Brad, who shared a secret with Fash Boulevard first and get a first look at Zoe's new baby. xoxo

  2. ah shoe porn!! I would die for those Jil Sanders and the Alexander Wangs too!!!

  3. Hey lovely, thanks for joining our meetup group. I had to make some changes and the actual event was cancelled. I've fixed it, but can you join the event again? Sorry to be a pain, I think my jet lag made me go a little silly!

  4. shoes!!! <3 i love shoes! haha :) those converse ones look pretty cool! and those louboutin sandals!!! so perfect for summer :)


  5. Love the Prada shoes also.

    Mad awesome.

  6. I'm following your blog now really cool please follow mine too :)

  7. I love Miu Miu CorkWedges ♥

  8. Beautiful shoes. Very amazing.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope that you can come check it out.

  9. The first ones, leopard sandals, are amazing!! I would love to wear those :)



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